4 Tips to Help You Select Animal Socks Your Kids Will Love

When kids are toddlers, it's easy to have them wear socks because you simply put them on their feet. However, as they grow up and start to walk, it's a tall order to have them wear socks because most children dislike wearing them. Since you cannot change their mind on your own, you can make them love their socks by buying them funny animal socks that capture their attention.

Here are some tips to help you select animal socks that your kids will instantly love.

1. Choose Animal Socks with Your Child's Favorite Animals

Children are fascinated by animals and love to spend time playing with their favorite pet or stuffed animal. Domestic animals, such as dogs and cats that are capable of interacting safely with the kids, are a source of amusement for many children. This explains why most children's books and movies feature animal characters. Since kids adore their favorite animal characters, animal print socks decorated with graphics of them will be an instant favorite. For instance, if your kids love the family dog, buying dog party socks will appeal to their affection.

Luckily, you can find animal socks of all kinds from a top sock shop near you. These socks include fox cat socks, cute parrot socks, flamingo socks, dog socks, leopard print socks, cat socks, monkey socks, puppy socks, turtle socks, and Christmas elephant socks. When you get your children socks that they love, they'll put the socks on without a reminder from an adult.

2. Choose Animal Socks Made from Quality Fabric

Socks are supposed to keep your child's feet warm and dry. Children love to play around in the house, and they may sometimes get their feet wet or hurt their toes in the process. The best socks for kids are made using top-quality moisture-wicking fabrics that prevent the feet from getting damp. The quality fabrics will also absorb shock when children accidentally stub their toes. Socks protect children's toes from small cuts and the itchiness caused by grass when playing outdoors.

Cotton is the fabric that's used to make most types of socks, such as compression socks, fuzzy socks, animal socks, and many more. However, there are better sock fabrics, like bamboo, acrylic, and merino wool. These fabrics keep your child's feet warm and dry and prevent blisters when your child wears shoes.

3. Choose the Proper Animal Sock Size For Your Child

Even if your child loves the animal socks you bought so much, it's counter-intuitive if they keep falling off because they're oversized. It's even worse if you buy undersized socks that hold tightly on your child's feet. Overly tight socks can cause hammertoes, fallen arches, ingrown toenails, increase the risk of varicose veins, and cause your kid's feet to develop bunions. Oversized and undersized socks cause discomfort to your kid's feet. This will make your children hate wearing socks because they won't feel comfortable walking or playing around while wearing them.

4. Consider Your Child’s Age

While children may have loved polar bear and pony socks at a certain age, the preference may change as a child grows. You must consider the current favorite animal character for your kids so that they love the animal print socks you buy for them for a longer period. Understandably, children will have many favorites as they grow. As a parent, you should know your child's preference before buying animal socks or graphic print socks.

Socks have been part of our dressing code since the 10th century. Today, socks have evolved from purely functional footwear to a fashion symbol. There are many sock designs available today. We have men’s socks, women’s socks, and kids’ socks. Animal socks are most appealing to children because kids have a special fondness for animals. When choosing animal socks for your child, consider your child's age, foot size, socks fabrics, and your child's favorite animal.