5 Reasons to Wear Thigh High Socks

You don’t need an excuse to wear thigh-high socks, as they continue to grow in popularity. However, you may have a specific reason to wear thigh-high socks. After all, despite all the legitimate functions of socks, like keeping your feet warm and clean, they are also a fashion statement and have been around since the 10th century when they took the jump from function to fashion.

So, what are some of the great reasons to wear thigh-high socks both for fashion and function?

Showcase Your Holiday Spirit

Unique sock designs, such as animal print socks and graphic socks, are nothing new. Holiday socks have even infiltrated the market in a major way. Halloween and Christmas tend to be the most popular times of the year that offer holiday-themed thigh-high socks, but you can definitely capitalize on fun sock prints during other occasions and special celebrations. However, using your socks to show off a fun Halloween pattern or to get into the Christmas spirit are still some of the most popular reasons to wear thigh high socks. Patterned thigh high socks allow the design to be seen and admired by others.

Stay Warm

This may seem obvious, but socks that go up to your thigh will keep a larger part of your body warm compared to socks that only go to your ankle or knee. For many people, they’re also a more comfortable footwear option than shorter socks. Often, thigh high socks are fuzzy socks, which means that they’re often designed to be worn on crisp autumn days or cold winter nights to stay cozy. Even if they’re not fuzzy socks, in particular, thigh-high socks are often made out of warm materials like wool and are thicker than regular socks.

Let Your Eye for Fashion Stand Out

Wearing thigh-high socks can be a fashion statement when paired with a pair of shorts or a skirt. Add to that the fact that they will not flatten your natural curves, and it’s easy to see why thigh high socks are a statement piece. This has made them incredibly fashionable, and with this increase in popularity, more luxurious styles are available. You don't have to settle for a certain fabric or basic colors, as they have expanded into a new world of options.

Replace Pantyhose

Pantyhose tights have a band, often called a gusset, that cuts off circulation. Thigh-high socks don't include any bands. This gusset tends to cut off circulation and cause limited mobility in the leg, which is obviously very uncomfortable for the wearer. However, because thigh high socks don’t have this issue, they offer more flexibility and comfort to the wearer, which has led to a lot of women choosing to replace their pantyhose with thigh high socks. The right pair doesn’t look all that different and gives you all of the same benefits as pantyhose. So, why not make the switch?

Improve Circulation

Surprisingly, thigh-high socks, and particularly thigh-high compression socks, help your circulation. This is another benefit that they carry over pantyhose. By giving the leg a light squeeze, compression socks for women promote blood flow. When you wear thigh-high compression socks, they promote blood flow throughout your legs. Not only is this good for preventing blood clots, but it also helps reduce varicose veins as well. Blood flow isn’t the only thing that thigh-high socks help with either. Swelling in joints like the knees can actually be soothed by wearing thigh-high compression socks too.

When people think of thigh-high socks, they typically think of thigh-high socks for women, but men can wear them as well. These socks are versatile and provide benefits to anyone who chooses to wear them, making them some of the most exciting footwear products on the market today.

February 08, 2021 — Donna Franasiak